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Flourshed Canyon Zone - Version 1.1.2 Details »»
Flourshed Canyon Zone - Version 1.1.2
Version: 1.1.2, by jloy1 jloy1 is offline
Developer Last Online: Apr 2013

Version: SRB2 Rating:
Released: 09-29-2010 Last Update: 12-15-2010 Favourites: 1
Multiplayer Levels

This is my first attempt at creating a Level WAD.

The Level is based on 'Sapphire Falls Zone' using most of it's looks from that. It is a harmonic type of place. It's a small to medium sized map recommended for about 8 - 12 players for fast and tight action.

Suggestions and Criticism are strongly wanted.

Replaces MAP80.

NOTE: Weapon and Scenery placement are not yet complete.


Spoiler: Changelog

Version 1.1.2
- Fixed a problem with floating rings.

Version 1.1.1
- Added a level select picture.

Version 1.1
- Lake expanded to make map more parallel.
- Reduced Ring Count.
- Removed weapon rings on trees.
- Removed most rail rings all but 2.
- Removed random monitors at the bases.
- Changed the team poles from mechanical looking to a wooden texture.
- Removed a tree for symmetry.

Version 1.0
-More Map Expanding
-Minor Fixes
-A little more weapons

Beta 3.1
-Slightly Expanded Map
-More Weapons
-Minor Touches

Beta 3
-Trees added
-Rail Ammo Reduced
-Camping and Cover Spots added (suggested by Rob and Shardvex)
-Scatter Rings Placed
-More Scenery Added

Beta 2
-Fixed a bug with 2 sectors split causing HOM.
-Added a colormap to the water.
-Added a few weapons.
-Added Chaos Emerald Respawn Points
-Extended Lakes/Ponds
-Created 2 Hills at each base.

Beta 1
-First Release.


Current Version : Version 1.1.2
No Mirror

Earlier Versions

V1.0: Download!

BETA 3.1:Download!

BETA 3:Download!

BETA 2:Download!

BETA 1: Download!

Download Now

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Old 09-29-2010   #2
Rob's Avatar

Stage isn't awful, but it needs more work. Might I suggest variance in sector heights? I guarantee you anyone with a rail ring will do absolutely better than anyone else in this stage. This is a sniper's paradise. Try using some crevices or something in the center of the stage that make it difficult to get to the opponent's base.
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Old 09-29-2010   #3

Well, this is nice, but it is a beta. Make places where you can camp, and take cover. Try to make every part of the level have something in it, as few bare spots as possible.

Excelent idea, and it is very nice looking.
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Old 09-29-2010   #4
jloy1's Avatar

Beta 3 is up and ready. A lot more improvement to. :)
Flourished Canyon Zone V1.1.2
I'm back... :D
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Old 09-30-2010   #5

Coming good.
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Old 09-30-2010   #6
jloy1's Avatar

Thanks Shardvex, it does look better with the space starting to vanish.
Flourished Canyon Zone V1.1.2
I'm back... :D
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Old 10-05-2010   #7
jloy1's Avatar

Version 1.0 is out and finally out of beta. :D
Flourished Canyon Zone V1.1.2
I'm back... :D
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Old 10-05-2010   #8
Friendly lurker, I promise.
Metal-Rawr's Avatar

I like how this is coming along ALOT, but it got alot of stuff requires fixing, some only on my opinion.
First, the emeralds aren't floating, theyre stuck to the ground and usually found on wierd locations (edge of stairs on rail corner)
And I think that near the flags theres too many rings and boxes, including rings found in huge packs rather lined in rows on roads or something.
Also, am I the only one who thinks that the blue and red "towers"'s texturse are mechanic and don't fit the nature like enviroment?
Oh and by the way, the map's name shows as sapphire falls on stage selection.
Always remember to have fun
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Old 10-06-2010   #9
Does time attack too much
tailsmastermind's Avatar

^ I agree with all that you said Rawr.

To add onto that: Weapon Rings. They are not even remotely spread out. You have four rail rings, I believe 3 bounce rings. And then you have a grenade ring randomly placed on a tree top. The whole placement of them are either awkward to get or just plain to close to other items.

A bit more parallelism of your stage would be nice as well. Due to the complete differences of the two sides, it makes for some annoying random falls into water.

Also, every single monitor not a team monitor (which you should never have 4 sitting next to each other) was a random monitor, leading to a complete ease at getting a shield.
Originally Posted by Sonict
Also, you spelling and grammar is horrible.
ERZ2 in 3:47.74.
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Old 12-14-2010   #10
jloy1's Avatar

Updated to V1.1.

I was looking through my file when I found this, so I worked on it and here it is.

I took tailsmastermind's advice and ImaRawrBadly's advice on the emerald tokens, and the team poles and changed them.
Flourished Canyon Zone V1.1.2
I'm back... :D
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Old 12-15-2010   #11
jloy1's Avatar

Updated to V1.1.2.

Fixed the mysterious high floating rings from the V1.1 update.
Flourished Canyon Zone V1.1.2
I'm back... :D
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Old 10-19-2011   #12
Official Community CoatRack
CoatRack's Avatar

Okay, I am going to be honest. When I first saw this map I was expecting some horrid map with undeafed rings, but I was proven wrong after I played it with some friends. The level was shockingly good compared to what I thought it would have been like, but like most levels, there are some things that need fixing.

First off, the tall grass pegging is highly annoying in the fact it blocks the view of the water pit ahead. I can't count how many times I fell into the water because of that, costing me the flag several times.

Second, The main wall texture should be changed to the darker one used in Sapphire Falls, that way I won't have bleeding eyes once the round is over. Also, while the red and blue tower things help show what team base you are at, I find them clashing with the rest of the level. Maybe make them a bit more "GHZ" styled by making them have the totem polls on the edges?

But all in all, this level was fun. It played quite well when it was 2 on 2, but I want to play with more people sometime to see how it supports a 4 on 4 game. But anyways, in short this level was a small, and fun, CTF level.
Originally Posted by Pinkie Pie
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Old 10-19-2011   #13
it's lamp for supper, kids
Charybdizs's Avatar

Agreed. I had a lot of fun on this map too, though I was expecting it to be fun in the first place. ;) But shouldn't the name be "Flourished Canyon", not "Flourshed Canyon"? I can't say as I've ever heard of a flour shed.

First thing I want to say, is I LOVE those blockades you have up. I don't think I ever used one as a blockade, but they make great ramps to run off of and jump. I know this isn't Community Build, but I'd swear I felt like I was getting some serious air off of those. They made a great way to escape pursuit.
There's quite a bit of good I could say about this map, in regards to the layout, weapon placement, and overall style.
There's also bad I can say, though. The most critical thing, however, is that the bases are too close together. As Whackjood said, the bases are so close it doesn't even seem like a big deal to capture the flag. If you were to do anything to this map, I'd make it a bit bigger, or more complicated to get to the bases. Also, a lot of the ring and weapon placement looked very shoddy. Not that it was bad placement, but it looked like you just shoved Things in there to get it over with. The most drastic place that I noticed this was in the hollow with the Spread Ring. It all looks crammed in. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it really bothered me.
And lastly, the grass. Like KOTE said, do something about that. I kept accidentally falling into the water.
Oh, I guess that wasn't lastly, because I remembered one more thing. You have too many shields in this map. It seemed like every time I went to shoot KOTE, he had a fresh force shield.

Overall, I enjoyed this level. If it had been in the OLDC, I would have given it a 6/10.
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